The Doctor

Mauro Zappaterra MD, PhD
Director of Institute for Regenerative Medicine & Clinical Research

Dr. Zappaterra graduated from Harvard Medical School and specializes in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation with a particular focus on optimizing human performance through regenerative medicine, nutrition, mind-body exercises, mind-training, and biofield therapies.

He has published numerous scientific and medical articles and his work on the CSF was chosen as the cover image for the prestigious Neuron journal. He has been featured in the New England Journal of Medicine in regards to teaching medical students about living with life threatening diseases and in Psychology Today on an article titled “Joy: The art of loving life”.

Dr. Zappaterra is trained in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation (PM&R).
A PM&R doctor is one who:
- restores maximum function lost through injury, illness or disabling conditions
- improves quality of life
- treats the whole person, not just the symptoms
- is an expert at diagnosing and treating pain
- provides non-surgical treatments
- leads a team of medical professionals

PM&R specialists listen to their patients and work with them to develop a customized, individualized course of treatment. PM&R physicians treat people. By evaluating the impact of a condition on the whole person - medically, socially, emotionally, vocationally, and spiritually - PM&R physicians help their patients understand and take control of their health.